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I’ll EMAIL you info on your ‘Ready to Coach’ interview shortly.

I’m emailing you your coaches contact information so you can contact them for your ‘Ready to Coach’ Interview.  This interview will determine your readiness to start your coaching business (if you want me to send the contact into to an email other than the one you just entered, simply sign in here with your new email.).

**Please do not share your coach’s contact information with ANYONE. Your coach’s contact information is only for you as a potential Master Coach University student. If your coach hears from anyone NOT on the interest list, they WILL NOT RESPOND.**

One word of warning… opportunity like this seldom knocks and I’ll bet you’ve missed some biggies.   Your coach is running only 20 of these interviews on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.  If you contact them too late, I am very sorry, please do not email me or Jackie.  Once the offer is closed it is closed, no exceptions…

For now, watch these videos where I answer questions about starting and growing a successful & profitable coaching business.

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Here is another short Q&A video:

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P.S. Watch the video, then leave me a comment to let me know any of your questions that I didn’t answer in the videos.