How to Get Clients to Pursue YOU by Building a Big Coaching Client List on the Internet

Here’s how I built an internet based coaching business that’s generating passive revenue for me in about 6 months.

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These strategies are fairly simple, but they will take a bit of time and money. The good news is that marketing your coaching practice on the internet is not complex, in fact because the internet has become very user friendly, it’s easier to market on the internet now than any other form of marketing.

What’s so great about marketing your coaching practice on the internet?

1. Instant Response (you know if your marketing has worked immediately)
2. Cheap (it’s about 1/3 the cost to market on the internet compared with comparable marketing offline)
3. Easy to learn (no need for technical expertise anymore).
4. Fast learning curve (you can get rolling with your marketing on the internet in about a week, and you can see real $$$ coming into your bank account between 3-6 months)

In this video, I cover:

1. The basic concepts of marketing your coaching on the internet.

  • Permission Marketing
  • Using your coaching content for marketing purposes

2.  The 3 steps to getting started marketing coaching on the internet

  1. Set up Google Adwords
  2. Set up your coaching  ‘squeeze page’
  3. Set up you coaching blog

3.  How to convert all those coaching leads you’ll get to paying coaching clients.


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2. Your biggest challenge standing in the way of your achieving that goal.

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