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LA JOLLA, CA – In a few weeks I’m going to be launching a LIMITED EDITION home study version of the 3 Day Master Coach Certification, recently taped live. This edition will include:
  • Live Examples of Masterful Coaching to See ‘How it’s Done’ Along With Commentary Afterward
  • How to Market And Build a Coaching Business on a Budget
  • How to Generate Unlimited Internet Coaching Leads
  • How to Set up Your Website And Get Your Coaching Business Started on The Internet
  • The Client Enrollment Process Proven to Get 50% of Your Sample Sessions Signing up For Your Coaching
  • How to Generate Instant Believability & Credibility With Your Clients (How to Make People Feel That You’re The Most Effective Coach For Them)
  • How to Connect Your Passion With a Profitable Coaching Service.

You’ll see coaching in front of large groups during the marketing and coaching skill training sessions. The 3 Day Master Coach Certification is also designed to make you an expert in each of the top coaching profit centers and gives you internet “skill training” for setting up your website, email list, and other critical elements.

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P.S. As you know, my coaching business has been very good to me, and I have been teaching others how to duplicate my success.

And that’s what this opportunity will be all about: Helping you create a profitable coaching business like mine by filling your calendar with high paying coaching clients, and changing lives.