A few months ago, we had a 3-Day Master Coach Certification Training in San Diego.

After the event, I told the coaches about how I was trying to work up the guts to offer ‘this next big thing’.

The coaches were relentless about how I should ‘Just go ahead and create it’.

So here’s what I’m going to do:


I’m making a very limited number of DVD sets from the event.

You can sign up for the interest list HERE.

This training teaches you two things :


  1. How to become a master coach by observing and practicing advanced coaching techniques LIVE.
  2. How to use the internet to get paying coaching clients without ever chasing people with sales calls or begging for referrals from your friends or family.

Once you sign up for the interest list, you’ll get to watch special videos and excerpts from the live training including:

  • Live Examples of Masterful Coaching to See ‘How it’s Done’ Along With Commentary Afterward
  • The 45 Minute “Life Change” Technique
  • How to Set up Your Website And Get Your Coaching Business Started on The Internet
  • How to Generate Instant Believability & Credibility With Your Clients (How to Make People Feel That You’re The Most Effective Coach For Them)

Sign up for the interest list HERE.

On the interest list, You’ll also get exclusive access to one of the limited edition recordings of the event, but only if you hurry because we’re making ONLY 20 copies.

I’m only making 20 of these sets, so it’s going to be first come, first serve. When these 20 copies are gone, they’re gone.