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How to Submit an Application For Master Coach University

Congratulations on your decision to apply for Master Coach University.

All the information you’ll need to apply for the training you’ve chosen is below.

How to Apply:

Application Downloads:


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Application Support:

To get support on submitting your application, contact Feryal Allen, Associate Dean, Master Coach University:

Dr. Colette Coiner

(858) 232-3739?

Master Coach University Syllabus:

Right-click HERE to download the Syllabus

Good luck with your application.

For more information on Master Coach University, go HERE.




  1. So just how long is the course and program — sounds like a year and a half but I could be wrong. Also what is a “semester” if the program takes a year and a half. What is the cost of the program?

  2. Jeffrey Sooey says

    Yvonne :

    So just how long is the course and program — sounds like a year and a half but I could be wrong.

    If you take the fast track, you can complete Master Coach University in 18 months (1 1/2 years). Some coaches take longer to accommodate their schedules or to ease up on their course work and take more time digesting each training.

    Yvonne :
    Also what is a “semester” if the program takes a year and a half.

    We have a Spring and Fall semester. A semester lasts 2-4 months depending on which courses you’re taking at the time. Between semesters you have time to put what you’ve learned into practice and digest the coursework.

    Yvonne :
    What is the cost of the program?

    Tuition varies depending upon several factors, if you’re taking advantage of tuition financing, and how quickly you want to complete your coursework. If you are solvent, you can afford the Master Coach University. If you’re a serious student, you can make more than enough to pay for your tuition within 6 months or less.

    The best way to work out the details and logistics is to talk to Feryal Allen (email – phone – 858-381-5898).


  3. Dear Feryal:

    I had internet issues and was unable to email my acceptance letter in time today.

    Please let me know what can be done to ensure that you and Mr. Sooey have received my acceptance confirmation.

    Look forward to your communication at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you for all your effort and support.

    Most Sincerely,
    Avis Kirwi

  4. Did not get what the cost was.

  5. Hello, I have tried several times to reach Feral on the phone and each time there is no place to leave a message and it says the subscriber is not available and hangs up.

    I am a serious candidate and would like to talk with someone about my application. I talked to Jeff a number of years ago and ordered a course from him.

    My name is William Holt. I have been a professional coach for over 20 years and would like to continue to learn and grow and expand my work, especially online.

    Warm regards,

    William 713 240 0009

  6. This master coach university looks AMAZING! I am consumed with the writing of my doctoral dissertation, which is quite time and energy encompassing…Is this something I could reasonably tackle within the midst of my research?? What exactly does this program cost??/How much of a scholarship do you offer?? This is DEFINITELY A COURSE I WANT TO INVEST MY TIME IN…I just need more specifics, please..and thank you…

    Have an amazing week!
    Patty Cottrell

  7. Debra Cuevas says

    I am seriously considering taking course but would really like to know cost before I decide to take anothe course. Warm regards.

  8. Teca Krizbai says

    Application form is so blind-friendly, so I’m very satisfied! My question is: what does fellowship program mean? Did I understand good that you’ll finance my entire tuition?

  9. Emilie Bejo says

    Thank you for reminding me,This morning i sent my application form,Im waiting only the response,Again,thank you & more power

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